Case Study - Stockland

How to Manage a Rebrand Uniform Roll Out: The Stockland Story

As part of Stockland's brand evolution, Cargo Crew was engaged to introduce a bold new uniform direction inspired by possibility, authenticity, and individual expression. 

Brief and outcome

When Stockland, Australia's leading name in property, came to us in 2023 for a rebrand on their uniform program, our goal was to do more than just update their work wardrobe; we aimed to involve their team in a transformative journey. The result is a collection of beautifully branded pieces that not only elevate Stockland's name but also shine a light on their people. Here is our story of success.

Job Function and Scale

The Stockland brief required a modern and flexible staff uniform that allowed for individual expression across 6 divisions:

  • Residential
  • Land Leasing
  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Workplace
Online ordering
Leading With Uniform Logo Embroidery

As an award-winning uniform supplier, Cargo Crew was primed to give Stockland's badge of honour the attention it deserved. With branding being so key to the uniform game, we offered a logo embroidery service from the get-go. In fact, with quality logo work being so critical to a successful corporate uniform rollout, we offer an in-house embroidery service for complete control over every stitch. 

Our hands-on approach to logo embroidery has become a hallmark of how we simplify our clients' lives, and Stockland's case was no exception. Equipped with Stockland's new brand symbol, a dynamic reinterpretation of the 'Stockland S', we put needle and thread to work to weave new possibilities into key uniform pieces.

From Site to Showhouse

Considering Stockland's scale, our uniform program for Stockland is built on empowering individual expression. This calls for a collection that is flexible enough to suit everyone, from active construction sites to showhouse floors. 

So, for Stockland's dynamic team, we rebranded a diverse range that includes everything from smart-casual tops, dresses, and chinos and skirts, to formal suiting. Each category offers a range of branded options to mix, match, style and adapt. Empowering individual expression while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. 

Smart-casual Rebranded

In rebranding Stockland's uniform, Cargo Crew focussed on redefining smart-casual in blues, checks and stripes. The collection includes modern crew knit jumpers and cardigans, tailored for a contemporary look, and pure cotton sweaters with soft fabric finishes and anti-pilling technology.

Plus practical pieces like branded polo tees and long sleeved shirts. Peak caps and webbing belts provide the finishing touch in this rebranded uniform program.

Epic Style for the Suiting and Booted

Confidence radiates through a sharp suit, so for Team Stockland's suited and booted, we turned to the modern suiting aesthetics to set the tone. Enter slim-fits, tailored blazers and skirt options, pinned to perfection with enamel Stockland logo badges. And a range of dresses, proudly adorned with the Stockland logo in durable, white embroidery.

Making Uniform Ordering a Breeze

Getting a nationwide team kitted out in a rebranded uniform can be challenging, but for Stockland's uniform update, we aimed to make it hassle-free. Leaning on our legacy of excellent customer service, we know that a corporate uniform rollout extends beyond the final stitch. By closely collaborating with Stockland, we streamlined ordering and logistics via a clearly communicated uniform program and an online portal for easy staff orders.


In delivering Stockland's uniform rollout, we went beyond the norm with a 21-page lookbook that does more than show the uniforms; it shines a spotlight on the people who wear them. Cargo Crew's custom-designed lookbook for Stockland, featuring Stockland staff, captures the unique personalities behind the uniforms.

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