Crafting Modern Australian Flavour & Uniform Style

Four Pillars was founded in 2013 to elevate the gin distilling craft and give consumers a glimpse into the full experience of gin tasting. 



The Four Pillars Yarra Valley distillery is distinctly modern Australian, mirroring their gin's distinctive & iconic botanicals of Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian bush peppercorn and Eucalyptus.

The team in Healesville offer gin tastings, with the experience that makes you truely feel like being welcomed into a family distillery, a reflection of the passion and enjoyment of their staff. When picking a uniform, it needed to reflect this passion and commitment to their world-class product. 

Our Modern Uniform Solution

The Four Pillars team wear our Barkly Denim Aprons in Black, with their logo embroidered in copper thread front and centre to match their iconic gin bottles. 

In addition to staff uniforms, Four Pillars also sell their branded Cargo Crew Aprons as part of their boutique bar merchandise range. This offers them additional brand reach and sales oppotunities, while also allowing for regular bulk-ordering of their aprons to save time and keep embroidery costs to a minimum.  

We chat with Scott Gauld, Four Pillar's Co-Founder

We took 5 minutes out with Four Pillars Co-Founder, Scott Gauld to chat life lessons, their modern look uniform and what the future holds for the future of the independent spirits industry in Australia. 


What’s the biggest lesson you wish you knew before you started the business?

Think big first….. It’s funny, we never thought that we would be where we are in only 4 years’ time. Every aspect of the business is growing, and we are constantly evolving to keep up with the growth.

What gets you leaping out of bed in the morning?

Coffee… I need coffee!

What were you looking for in a modern uniform for Four Pillars?

We needed something that was going to be hard wearing and functional, but also that was visually appealing and fit nicely with our aesthetic here. I think the Cargo crew aprons definitely cover both of those points.

What was it like to collaborate with Cargo Crew?

Very easy.. The Cargo Crew team are ace. We knew the kind of style we wanted in the beginning, and the team at Cargo crew had the perfect apron to fit our needs. Great minds!

"The Cargo Crew team are ace... plus they had the perfect apron to fit our needs. Great minds!"
Scott Gauld, Four Pillars

What’s your biggest pet-hate in the hospitality industry?

Going to a venue, and standing at the front door for 5 mins before someone comes over to greet you. First impressions definitely count and you have a very small amount of time to make an impact on someone that walks through your door. You gotta make the most of it!

What do you believe will be the biggest change to the industry in the next 5 years?

Hopefully a tax break from the government. At the moment, there is an excise tax increase on spirits every 6 months. For every bottle of our Rare Dry gin sold, the government takes about $30 in excise and GST. That’s nearly 50% of every sale!

What are your tips for getting the best out of your staff?

Always treat your staff well, and always reward hard work. I consider all of our staff - from distilling, to bottling, from front of house through to accounts - as part of the bigger Four Pillars family!

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