Find the perfect fit for your crew

Working out staff uniform sizing can be a pain point for many businesses – so let us help you solve it from the start!

It's important to help your team find the best fit in the Cargo Crew uniform size range to ensure they feel comfortable working, aren't restricted in movement, and so their uniform looks its best. 

The key thing to remember - and to advise your team - is that consistency of clothing sizing doesn't really exist from brand-to-brand, and there is no shame in varying between sizes. We strongly recommend using our body size measurements to determine your perfect 'Cargo Crew Fit' so that you can order uniforms with confidence.

How to use this size guide

Select your preference for either Women’s or Men’s size guide above. Measure the areas on your body outlined, then compare your body measurements to the size chart to determine your perfect size.

  • If you vary between 2 sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.
  • Choose the size & fit that suits your body for everyday movement at work and for comfort.
  • Sizing for Unisex products can be found on both guides.
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