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Meet Our Boston Crew

Our Boston Denim Apron has developed a fan base across the world for its effortless style & quality finish.

From hair stylists to florists, bartenders to childcare workers, the Boston is loved by all as a fashion favourite that works as hard as its wearer, and as a good apron should – embraces the mess!

We’ve spoken to some of the Boston’s biggest fans to find out what it is they love most about the go-to work wear for their businesses!


Tell us about you and your business!

I am Kaitlyn Fedorko, a hair stylist & business owner based in Dallas Texas. I started my business Style Alchemy Studio in 2016, which was when I found Cargo Crew & bought my Boston Apron and started covering it in hair colour.

I specialise in hair colour and especially love creating vivid colour styles (space mermaid hair). I’m a total hair nerd with a background in chemistry, so I love educating my clients about the chemistry behind colour – I basically get to perform controlled art experiments!

I am in the process of expanding Style Alchemy Studio and have recently hired my first employees – who all wear and paint their own Cargo Crew Boston Aprons too!

What do you love about your Cargo Crew Boston apron?

I absolutely love working in my Boston Apron! I found the Cargo Crew website through a co-worker, and we loved that all of the aprons were stylish and different. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE wearing all black, but sometimes you just want something different than another black apron.

I was complimented on my Boston when I very first started wearing it, but the more colour I spilled and splattered on it, the more compliments I received!

What makes it work in your workplace?

The Boston works in my workplace because it is functional, matches my design aesthetic, and is beyond comfortable and stylish! I’m always on the lookout for a new button or pin for it as well. (I’ve also debated on adding patches…)

Because my clientele love vivid colour, I eventually painted the rainbow across my Boston. I feel like an artist every time I put it on – I feel the most comfortable and confident wearing my apron behind the chair.

What’s the best bit of business advice you’ve ever been given?

The best bit of business advice I’ve been given was from my business mentor (who is also the best father) – trust your instinct, take baby steps, and keep your start-up costs low!

I was sick to my stomach anxious about going out on my own, but looking back, starting my own business was the best decision I could’ve made.

I encourage anyone who has thought about working for themselves to do it! As long as you stay hungry and keep up a good work ethic, you will be astounded at what you can grow a dream into! Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity!

Style Alchemy Studio
Style Alchemy Studio

Photography by Kyle Sterk (@sterkyyy) & Sean Whitmore (@seanwhitmore)

Jaime Vella – Willowbank Early Learning Centre, Melbourne Aus

Jamie Vella is Willowbank Early Learning Centre’s Company Director.

Willowbank Early Learning Centre, located 55km outside of Melbourne, opened in 2016. They are always striving to provide the best in childcare services. Living within the community that they service, their reputation is crucial to them and their success.

The team at WELC love having the ability to think outside the box in their business & adapt to the needs of the families they work with. They are very proud of their centre and the children within it. WELC staff wear a bright combination of Cargo Crew’s Boston Aprons paired with Bailey Denim Shirts, and Riviera striped tees that contribute to the sunny, cheerful colours of the child care centre.


What were your goals when your were choosing this uniform for your staff?

Firstly, I wanted the staff to represent our centre and to be different from the competition. The uniform needed to be modern and fresh. I didn’t want our staff in a typical brightly coloured polo top. Just because our staff work with children and in what can be a messy environment, didn’t mean they had to sacrifice style for practicality!

What benefits do you find in having a uniform at willowbank?

All the parents and children of the centre are easily able to recognise staff. Also, childcare can be a messy job so their uniform & aprons ensure that staff are protected on the job, and that they feel as though they belong to our team. Parents have commented that the team members look smart and professional in their uniforms (which they are!).

How did you find working with Cargo Crew?

My goodness – I had trouble choosing our uniform because I loved everything in your store! Honestly I would wear the Cargo Crew uniforms day to day, without even going to work! You’ve managed to create a range that is fashionable and serviceable, without looking tacky.

Willowbank Early Learning Centre
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