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29 August 2023

5 Chef Uniform Looks to Level Up Your Kitchen Game

As worn by Michelin star Chef Curtis Stone

What do chefs wear in the kitchen? It's not just about donning an apron and getting to work. It's about finding that perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality – all while injecting a dash of your unique kitchen personality into the mix. In the bustling world of culinary arts, your chef uniform isn't just about clothes, it's a key ingredient in your recipe for success.

At Cargo Crew, we've created a range of Chefwear that's been designed with real, working kitchens in mind and seasoned with a healthy dose of modern, approachable style. From chef aprons to protect against hot spills to classy and comfortable chef work shirts, our chef uniforms are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Marrying the classic chef look you know and love with a modern twist that reflects the evolving landscape of the culinary world.

Ready to whet your appetite? Let's dive in and feast our eyes on 5 chef uniform looks that are sure to level up your kitchen game.

1. Classic with a Twist: The Banjo Chef Shirt

When we say this isn't your ordinary chef shirt, we mean it. The Banjo Chef Shirt - which comes in crisp white and sleek black - is the cornerstone of our modern chef wear line-up. Its design keeps you cool under kitchen pressure while making a stylish statement, as a modern alternative to a traditional chef jacket.

Our Banjo Chef Shirt features a back neck tab to secure your apron strap – no more annoying slippage in the middle of a service rush. It also has a practical instrument pocket on the sleeve, and twin-needle stitching for reinforced seams and durability. This lightweight, breathable shirt is ready for the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen. Our very own chefwear ambassador and renowned chef Curtis Stone has given his nod of approval; with his LA-based team of chefs at Gwen testing and absolutely loving the chef shirt.

Chef Dan Sawansak (@dessousmelbourne) wears the Banjo Chef Shirt in White

2. The Versatile Champion: Banjo Chef Apron

Aprons are the armour of chefs and our Banjo Chef Apron is no exception. Purposefully designed with chefs in mind, this apron offers a longer length and wider body, providing you with the coverage you need in a busy kitchen.

Our chef aprons feature an adjustable neck strap with press snap detail, ensuring ease to slip on and off, alongside comfort around your neck. The addition of an instrument pocket on the top left chest keeps your essential tools close at hand, while the removable waist straps make washing a breeze and eliminate any tangles in the machine. Plus, with various colours like our iconic khaki green, navy, white and black, as well as a chic black and white striped version, these aprons are helpful in any part of the kitchen - worn and loved by head chefs to sous chefs.

Chef Mike Reid (@mikereidchef) wears the Banjo Chef Apron in Navy

3. The Ultimate Protection: The White Chef Jacket

The Cargo Crew White Chef Jacket takes the traditional chef uniform to a whole new level. We've teamed up with renowned chefs Curtis Stone (Gwen, Woodend) and Josh Niland (Saint Peter, Charcoal Fish) to deliver 'The Ultimate Chef Jacket' – the perfect balance of heritage and quality with a nod to modernising this classic.

This jacket features a double-breasted placket for quick removal, action back pleats for a breathable fit, an instrument pocket on the left sleeve, and a back neck tab to secure your apron strap. The fabric-covered metal press snaps and wide sleeve cuffs enhance ease of movement and for rolling up your sleeves. Along with all this and like the rest of our chefwear line, it's made from 100% cotton for ultimate comfort and durability.

Cinder-chef-apron-banjo-white-shirt-inside venue

Cinder head chef Jake Furst ( wears the Banjo Chef Jacket

4. Casual Cool: Banjo Workshirt

Our Banjo Workshirt is the epitome of a modern chef uniform, offering a casual yet professional look that's perfect for modern commercial kitchens, casual cooking, and events. The action back pleats provide ease of movement, while the instrument pocket on the sleeve and the chest pocket with a pen compartment keep your tools within easy reach. Plus, the apron strap tab at the centre back neck ensures that your apron stays put no matter how heated things get.

The Banjo Workshirt - available in versatile charcoal and bluegrain hues - is crafted from an easy-care 100% cotton fabric, which delivers a durable, cross-weave denim look. The gunmetal trims and metal press snap closure at the centre front placket add a modern touch, while the twin needle stitching reinforces seams for long-lasting durability. And when things heat up in the kitchen? Simply roll up your sleeves and secure them with the convenient sleeve tab and snap.

Gwen LA (@gwenla) chef wears the Banjo Workshirt in Bluegrain

5. Don't Forget Your Headwear: Chef Prep Cap and Face Mask

Our chefwear range doesn't stop at shirts and aprons. To complete your modern chef uniform, we offer a Chef Prep Cap and Face Mask, both in a universal black colour that goes with everything. Our cap is a nod to the classic baseball cap style, designed to keep your hair neatly tucked away while you work your magic in the kitchen. The face mask, an essential item in today's culinary world, is designed for comfort and safety without sacrificing style.

Both the prep cap and face mask feature the most important words said in any kitchen emblazoned on them: oui chef!

Designed with the Pros: The Curtis Stone Collaboration

Our chefwear collection is the product of an exciting collaboration with Michelin star chef Curtis Stone. Curtis, a successful restaurateur and beloved television personality, helped us design our chef uniforms to find the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and professionalism.

Curtis and his team at Gwen’s invaluable insights from their years of experience have allowed us to create chef uniforms that are not only practical but also stand up to the demands of high-pressure kitchen environments. Every piece from our chefwear line, from our chef shirts to our aprons, is designed with real, working chefs in mind – those who spend long hours mastering their craft in the heart of the kitchen.

Wrapping It Up: Chef Uniforms That Work as Hard as You Do

The chef uniform has evolved from a mere necessity to a symbol of professionalism and individuality. It should not only provide comfort and functionality in the challenging kitchen environment but also mirror the restaurant’s personality and brand. At Cargo Crew, we aim to offer chef uniforms that are not just clothing items but essential tools that enhance your performance and style in the kitchen.

We invite you to explore our chefwear range and experience the Cargo Crew difference. Because when you're in the kitchen, it's not just about what you cook - it's about what you wear, too. Just as every great dish begins with quality ingredients, so does every great chef begin with a quality uniform.