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31 August 2023

Q&A with Chef Dan Churchill

Experience a taste of Australia down under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Australians are kicking goals in the USA from actors, brands, chefs and wine. There is definitely a secret sauce that ‘Aussies’ deliver. Performance chef, Dan Churchill is bringing it in spades with his Australian heritage and unique, innovative dishes to the kitchen of The Osprey nestled within the 1 Hotel Brooklyn.

Dan is prioritising creative, plant-forward and locally inspired dishes while spicing things up with some favourites from home, paired with Australian wines. Of course, that also meant sourcing his favourite chef workwear from Cargo Crew which is also Australian-owned.

Dan has truly mastered the art of designing flavourful meals that nourish the body, mind and taste buds while minimising food waste, being conscious of the planet and telling a beautiful story of culture along the way.

We’re long-term supporters of Dan and we’re proud to share inspiring stories of individuals living out their business dreams.

We took 5 with Dan:

What was the best part of launching The Osprey at the 1 Hotel in Brooklyn?

Being a part of a hotel group that is also focused on sustainability and provides me with a platform to share the lens of modern Australian cuisine.  

As an Australian chef, what are you most excited to share with Brooklyn diners?

I have always spoken quite a bit about Australia when I have a media opportunity and to now have the chance to share unique experiences that tell the story of our country here in the US is incredible.

What do you love about the Cargo Crew chefwear?

It fits so well, the styles are epic and it fits exactly what my team and I are always looking for in terms of branding. Plus Mum thinks I look handsome!   

Now that you’re living in the U.S., what meal do you make or crave when you’re missing Australia? Vegemite toast?

Chicken shop chicken! So much so that I had to put it on my menu at The Osprey.

You recently competed in an ultra marathon, what was that like?

It was incredible to set a new challenge. I ran something like 60+ miles but couldn’t finish due to injury. I’ll be back to repeat next year for sure!

We love to see Dan Churchill bringing a slice of Australia to Brooklyn with his innovative kitchen creations at The Osprey within the 1 Hotel this summer. With a focus on sustainability, plant-based dishes and a touch of Australia, Dan’s new venture not only tantalizes taste buds but also has a conscious sustainability focus.

While Dan may be far from his homeland, his love for Australia remains evident, especially through his menu which features cherished Australian favourites like chicken shop chicken and fries. We can’t wait to step inside The Osprey and try it!

We look forward to seeing what delicious stories he continues to cook up in the future.

Dan Churchill takes over The Osprey kitchen from July through September 2023.

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Try the Ultra Marathon for yourself - if you dare!