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Quality Materials

Cargo Crew products are designed in Australia by our dedicated Design and Production team, whose goal is to produce garments to the highest level of quality. This all starts with the fabric and design with sustainability & longevity at the forefront.

We use a selection of fabric ranges to suit and adapt to a large variety of climates and environments, whilst also addressing pain points and delivering longevity.

Fight the Fade™

We pioneered our exclusive Fight the Fade™ fabric to specifically address our client’s needs for aprons to hold their colour with wash and wear. Our trials show washing our Fight the Fade™ aprons over 100+ times shows no obvious change in colour. That's sustainable!

  • Lightweight and super durable
  • No changes to colour even with the use of powerful stain removers
  • Looks like linen but without the fuss


Repreve® Recycled Polyester

REPREVE® is the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fibre made from plastic water bottles.

  • Each REPREVE® apron is made from at least 4 plastic bottles
  • Produces fewer carbon emissions compared to virgin polyester
  • Creates an amazing loop that recovers waste to make our land, oceans, air and natural resources sustainable for the next generation


100% Cotton

Our 100% cotton fabrics are biodegradable and naturally have all the benefits made for daily wear - making them perfect for uniforms!

  • Inherently strong and durable to withstand regular washing
  • Breathable and odour resistant
  • Hypoallergenic material which is less likely to cause skin irritation

We are committed to using US Cotton, recycled cotton and organic cotton throughout our range where possible.



Hemp is a highly sustainable crop that grows quickly and requires less water and pesticides than other crops. This makes it an eco-friendly choice for clothing and textiles.

  • Breathable and has natural moisture-wicking properties
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting and can withstand regular washing

Designed for high performance athletic wear, this innovative fabric keeps you cool, dry, fresh and comfortable. drirelease® fabrics are not altered with chemicals of any kind so the performance is permanent and will not wash out over time. 

  • Dries 4x faster than regular cotton
  • Lightweight with inherent moisture wicking functionality
  • Odour clinging prevention
Keep your uniform looking its best

Follow our tips and care guides to keep your uniform pieces looking their best - wash after wash.

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