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Circular Actions

Real talk: The retail industry has a significant global environmental impact so in an effort to reduce our impacts, we are committed to doing better at all stages of the production cycle. 

We invest time & resources into making better decisions at the design stage and continue this in every part of our business, including our offices and warehouse, during the packaging design process and after product life considerations.

Uniform Recycling Program

We recognise the difficulty businesses have in recycling their pre-loved and worn out uniforms. Re-brands and updates are inevitable, so we’re on the front foot to closing the loop and turning this process into a positive reusable resource.

So far, we’ve diverted 2,226kg of our own textiles from going into landfill and you can too.

Working with our B Corp Certified Clean Tech partners, old or damaged uniforms are recycled and converted into high value raw materials to be used again to create new products - truly circular!


For our Melbourne-based Cargo Crew customers, drop off your old uniforms at our showroom when you pick your new ones.

For companies interested in implementing the Uniform Recycling Program, contact us for more information or request a formal quote.


With the launch of the Conscious Collection, Cargo Crew is reducing the consumption of new materials by using fabrics created with remnant materials for selected products.  

This environmentally friendly regenerative fabric is created with residuals from the yarn spinning process of a number of different fabrics. As a result, the fabric composition, colour and performance abilities of each product will vary and be completely unique from one batch to the next. A truly circular product with Cargo Crew quality guaranteed.

This repurposed yarn fabric can be found in our Hazel Aprons and Tote Bags.


Since 2022, Cargo Crew has donated over $43,000 worth of unsold clothing and dormant stock to Red Cross & Thread Together. These items will be circulated back into the community for those in need.

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Our surplus and dormant fabric stocks are sold on the Circular Sourcing marketing place. Circular Sourcing is a great initiative that allows textile businesses to buy and sell surplus fabrics - keeping the materials in use for a circular economy. 

Additionally, with help from PonyUp For Good - a Certified Social Enterprise & Engagement Agency - we were able to divert 207kg worth of decommissioned technological equipment from landfill and in the process provide 1,502 meals to the SecondBite charity. 

These actions are the first of many as we continue on our journey to becoming a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business.