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Hospitality Uniform Tips
A sleek well thought out hospitality uniform is now an essential element and investment for all venues across Australia. For a country that loves their fine dining, café culture and coffee; venues are now looking to set themselves apart from the competition with a considered interior style, the finest food, and drinks and staff decked out in on-trend styles.

Cafés, pubs and restaurant clothing needs to be as hard working as their environments. Unlike other ‘softer’ customer facing businesses, hospitality uniforms get a good work out in a busy customer-facing environment.

This sector is also looking increasingly to brand building and creating a business that is aspirational in every element of its presentation to its customers. This includes, very importantly, its uniforms, along with the interior fit-out, brand of coffee being served, the best barista and a chef who can deliver the finest food. The front of house staff therefore need to be stylish and in keeping with the interior and brand values of the business.

Here at Cargo Crew we have worked closely with 1000s of venues and our years of uniform supplier experience in this sector means we design with both quality and style in mind.

The elements we consider integral when choosing apparel for your hospitality staff are:

Function First

Our aprons, shirts and t-shirts have been designed first and foremost with function in mind. Style is important, but if your apparel doesn’t make your job easier when on the floor serving, it will only frustrate. 

Aprons are designed with large functional pouch pockets to fit notepad and pens discretely, as well as easy-tie straps for staff to be ready to serve your customers efficiently. They also come in a range of styles – cross-back, bib, and waist aprons mean you can put function first for your staff depending on your individual venue requirements.
Hospitality Uniform Tips -  Function First
Hospitality Uniform Tips -  Crew Confidence

Crew Confidence

Staff benefit from feeling confident in their uniform. It helps with pride and to exude a cool, friendly atmosphere for your hospitality venue. We always ensure our apparel pieces are available to fit varying sizes. Our shirts come in both mens and womens cuts with subtle design differences in shape to flatter and sit comfortably.

Adjustable cuffs on our shirts are the ideal addition for hospitality staff where rolled sleeves are a must amongst food service. The extra-length cut of our shirts and t-shirts also ensure staff don't expose their skin when reaching across tables, or for that top shelf spirit!

Trending Times

We have classic hospitality uniforms covered with beautiful cuts of shirts, and colour palettes of navy, white & black sorted, but if your venue evokes a sense of on trend interior style your uniform should compliment it.

With subtle details like metal d-rings for straps on our Tokyo Aprons and our signature CC studs, many of our aprons move from classic to contemporary. The colour palettes we choose in design come from the latest fashion trends across the globe while still focusing on a colour range that will not date quickly – think khaki, distressed denims and light grey linens.
Hospitality Uniform Tips -  Trending Times
Hospitality Uniform Tips - Hard Working Fabrics

Hard-working fabric

The hospitality sector means uniforms are put through the ringer… quite literally. Regular washing after busy services is imperative to remove stains, food and alcohol odours. Regular laundering also ensures your staff look pristine with each new customer visiting your venue. Your aprons, tops and uniform accessories therefore need to be as hard-working as your team. Here at Cargo Crew we source premium fabrics such as our durable poly-cotton Deluxe Canvas Aprons and premium 100% cotton shirts.

One Size

Our aprons are unisex and one size, with adjustable straps meaning they can be worn by all your staff.


Branding of your uniforms may be important to enhance your brand awareness. We specialise in logo branding on all our apparel pieces and merchandise. When taking this next step in uniform customisation, you will work closely with a member of our specialised uniform design team here at Cargo Crew.

Hospitality Uniform Tips - Branding


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