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Shirts care guide

Caring for your shirts - fashionable and built to last. 

How to care for your shirts

At Cargo Crew, we strive to produce the highest quality shirts to ensure all the crews we dress look their best. Our shirts are made from 100% premium cotton, cotton/linen or polyester/cotton blends, ensuring maximum comfort, movement and easy care. The mid weights of our impeccably produced fabrics allow bodies to breathe and move as required whilst on duty. 

To produce a fashionable and comfortable product for our clients that's fit for work, we carefully test and manage all quality requirements, but no fabric is bulletproof or resistant to extreme environments. Our shirts are designed for a fashionable look whilst also being a durable work shirt solution.

Always read the care label

To ensure our shirts deliver their maximum performance, we request our clients read the care labeling on each garment. At Cargo Crew, we stand by our products and work hard to perfect each and every product we design, and let's face it you can't service the huge array of clients like we do unless you are delivering the most premium products on the market.

Our shirt performance

The performance of our shirts will be directly impacted by the environment they are in as well as how they are laundered. The key factors that attribute to longevity include:

  • How often the shirts are washed
  • Conditions of the water used – e.g. some beachside locations may have higher levels of salt or other damaging elements that cause more drastic fading or staining
  • What washing agents are used – even mass-market ‘colour safe’ cleaning agents will remove the colour with regular and repeat washing
  • How much and how long shirts are exposed to sunlight from both regular wear and line drying
Our shirt guarantee

If you are not totally happy with our shirts upon delivery, you can return them to us for an exchange or full refund. Please refer to our returns policy. If your shirt requires repair due to faulty stitching it can be returned to us for assessment and we are happy to mend this free of charge.

Please note, we are unable to accept returns for shirts that are damaged from regular wear and tear or not caused by defection. For example, returns will not be granted for shirts that have been discoloured from chemicals or cleaning products, grease, oil or ink stains and items that have been laundered incorrectly – e.g. high heat was used during washing or drying.

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