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For us, it all starts with the fabric…

Being uniform-ready is about more than just leading design – a great design doesn’t deliver the perfect uniform unless great fabric is developed to support it.

At Cargo Crew, we go to obsessive lengths to produce custom fabric solutions that teams love to wear – fabric that’s easy-care, breathable, sweat-masking, non-pilling and holds its shape, wash after wash.

In fact, we spend 10,000 hours on apparel Research & Development each year to ensure we create fabrics and uniforms that are led by innovation.

For example, we pioneered a Fight the Fade™ fabric range that uses cutting-edge technology to resist fading for over 100 washes (and yes – we washed it 100 times ourselves in the Cargo Crew Lab using our own industrial washing machines!).

Our Fight the Fade™ range is considered a global benchmark in terms of fabric performance and durability. 

Direct to client value
Direct to client value

With over 150 styles worn by 20,000 crews in over 65 countries around the world, we are committed to helping our clients stay abreast of the latest technologies and trends in uniform fabrics and performance.

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