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Cargo Crew Uniform

Conducted by YouGov Galaxy Australia, August 2018

Forenote: A uniform is really an extension of your culture and brand, where people love to feel confident in what they wear. When teams are proud of what they wear, it flows through to the culture, staff retention and ultimately the customer experience. Every business should strive for that kind of culture.

The research has really highlighted the importance of a Modern Uniform from a staff point of view, but also from a vital customer experience. 

Companies have spent millions updating their technology & systems to keep up with the digital evolution. We feel now is the time to give the same amount of focus to modernising your uniform that truly reflects a modern business.


of the working
currently wear
a uniform

94% of consumers prefer staff in uniforms as they are easily recognisable.

93% of the population believe it reflects well on a company if the staff wear smart uniforms.

1 in 4

18-24 year old’s would only apply for a job at a business with a modern, stylish uniform.


Of 18-24 year old's have worn or currently wear a uniform, compared to 79% of over 50's, who have a career under their belt.


Only 1% wouldn't take a job if it meant having to wear a uniform.


of women are happy to wear a uniform because they wouldn’t have to worry about work clothes, compared to just over half of Australian men.


of men would only apply for a job if the company had a modern & stylish uniform, compared with 10% of women.

The principal reasons people enjoy wearing a uniform for work are:

Don’t have to think about what to wear

Don’t have to buy other work clothes

Its practical for the job

Means I'm easily recognised

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