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Fitted For Work

Helping women back into work

Fitted For Work help women experiencing adversity break through barriers to get and keep work, so they can positively impact society & the workplace.


Getting women back into the workforce

We are proud to support Fitted For Work help women get back into the workforce. 

As Cargo Crew is a workplace of 70% women, we believe strongly that women have an amazing perspective and impact on their community and the world.

“We’re big believers that your wardrobe is key to feeling confident at an interview, in the workplace and in yourself every day.”

- Felicity Rodgers, Founder & Creative Director Cargo Crew

As a modern uniform company, we also have the size range of products to assist women of all shapes, building their confidence from the start with Fitted For Work.

Since 2005, Fitted For Work have assisted over 28,000 women and plan to expand nationally and also digitally to assist more women in remote communities.

We’re looking forward to growing our relationship by donating over 1,400 garments per year to the wonderful women getting back into work and building their confidence for positive change.

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