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Top Tips For Superb Apron Uniform Styling

No matter where you work, our uniform tips will ensure your staff will look their best. 

The importance of the humble apron strap

Whether you work in hospitalityretail or corporate environments, our uniform tips (and tricks of the trade) will ensure your staff uniform is always looking its best for your business.

One of our top tips is to consider the little details that don’t go unnoticed in setting your business' visual tone.

For example - the way your staff tie their apron straps can change the look of your uniform and incidentally the overall presentation of your hospitality or retail venue. The humble staff apron can transform your venue from a casual affair to a formal event.

If you're after a relaxed uniform look for work, wrap your straps around to the front of your bib or waist apron. This instantly adds a casual vibe to your staff appearance and also ensures your straps are within easy reach. If you work in a more formal venue, tie your straps to the back for a streamlined and crisp uniform style.

Try this knot

One of the best knots to secure your apron straps is the slip knot which looks neat and is super easy to untie. Follow these steps to tie a slip knot.


Want to know how to best care for your apron? Find advice at our Apron Care Guide.

How to tie a cross-back apron

Cross-back aprons are ideal for distributing weight evenly across the back, for all-day wear and comfort. Make sure the straps are crossed over your back and not twisted. You can tie at the back with a neat bow, or tie in the front with the added benefit of looping a tea towel over the strap around your waist. It's really up to your preference and style.

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