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A message from Kishwar

Tea is a way of life. Steeped in deep tradition and history, I was taught about different types of teas - from the blends that pick you up in the morning, the ones that relax you after a long day, for medicinal purposes, to warm you up or cool you down, to aid long conversations and mark special occasions.   

Each tea has a purpose and place.


At Cargo Crew, we love collaborating with like-minded creatives and are thrilled to team up with 2021 MasterChef Alumni, Kishwar Chowdhury to release our limited edition Kishwar Chowdhury x Cargo Crew gift packs, featuring Kishwar’s exclusive Rose Spice Tea blend.

Introducing 3 exclusive gift packs for everyone on your list this holiday season! Choose from a single adults gift pack or a choice of 2 of our best-selling kids aprons paired with an adult apron. All come with Kishwar’s Rose Spice Tea, perfect to brew a milky warm tea or cooling iced tea this summer. 

Please note: Kishwar's gift packs can only be shipped to Australia.


Inspired by our new Rose Pink apron colour and to celebrate the end of 2021 - Kishwar is launching her favourite blend of Rose Spice Tea which will be available exclusively in Cargo Crew gift packs. 

This is the special concoction she brings out on festive occasions, at dinner parties for guests to enjoy with dessert, or to spoil herself on afternoons with the perfect shortbread or slice of cake. 


"Floral and fragrant with warm spice notes like cinnamon and cardamom, my Rose Spice Tea can be steeped in milk for a perfect cup of chai or bloomed in water and enjoyed as an iced tea."



Enjoy your freshly brewed spice tea with Kishwar's recipe for Naan Khatai - a traditional semolina shortbread.

Follow this simple five-step recipe! 

Get the recipe