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30 January 2024

How to Choose the Right Apron for Your Line of Work

With so many different types of fabric aprons available, how do you find the right one for you? We've broken down the characteristics of key fabrics to help with the decision-making.

As key components of uniforms across various industries, aprons play an important role in enhancing one's professional appearance while providing protection on the job. Be that as it may, not all aprons are created equal. For instance, what has proven to be a dependable choice for chefs may not always meet the specific needs of waiters, and vice versa. 

Frustration or functionality, what you choose is what you get, which is why you need to make an informed decision. One of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for an apron is the fabric. Although it would be nice to cut straight to the chase and tell you what the best type of fabric for aprons is, there's more than one right answer.


Synonymous with comfort and flexibility, cotton aprons allow for easy movement during long hours in the busy kitchen or bar. The natural softness and light weight of cotton provide the ease of wear needed for tasks that demand agility. Moreover, cotton aprons stand up well to frequent washing, making them a practical and hygienic choice for hospitality and culinary professions. 


In industries where durability and resistance are top priorities, polyester aprons make for a good, dependable choice. As a man-made fabric, polyester is engineered to be hard-wearing yet easy to care for. It is highly resistant to spills, stains, and wrinkles which makes washing and drying a breeze.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is an eco-friendly and more sustainable option than its virgin counterpart. Its attributes are the same as virgin polyester with its dependable durability and moisture resistance being key. Add to that heat resistance and its ability to hold colour. This man-made fabric is a step in the right direction for the fashion industry and consumers alike. 

To be more sustainable, we use REPREVE® Recycled Polyester in a selection of our aprons. REPREVE® is the world's leading brand of recycled performance fibres made from plastic water bottles. When you wear our REPREVE® aprons, you can do so knowing that they are made from at least 4 plastic bottles.


As the name suggests, poly-cotton blend aprons provide the perfect combination of man-made and natural fibre. The polyester adds strength and stain resistance to the blend, while the cotton ensures a soft feel and comfort. This combination has proven itself to be dependable and versatile enough to suit a range of professions, from the hospitality industry to creative careers. 


Durability, ease of wear, and timeless style - denim aprons tick some of the most important boxes. From barbers to artists, denim aprons are a tried-and-tested choice across various professions where a casual yet professional look is desired. It's a fashion-forward choice that doesn't compromise on functionality and can withstand the demands of hands-on work.


For the eco-conscious professional, hemp aprons offer a sustainable and planet-friendly option. Known for its strength and durability, these hemp aprons not only promote green practices but also provide hard-wearing and reliable workwear solutions.

Fight the Fade™ Performance Fabric

As the saying goes, the last takes the crown. Introducing Cargo Crew's innovative aprons made from high-performance Fight the Fade™ fabric. These aprons are designed to provide a longer life, thus generating less waste and embracing sustainability with every stitch.

Developed and built for work, these aprons utilise an incredibly lightweight yet durable fabric, specially created to withstand repeat washing and retain colour for over 100 washes.

Whether in a busy kitchen, a bustling service setting, or any other demanding environment, these aprons will help you keep up appearances during long hours on the job.

Find the Perfect Apron for Your Needs

With an ever-growing range of high-quality aprons work-trialled in various industries, we are confident that we have the perfect workwear solution for you. From cotton and canvas to our exclusive Fight the Fade™ performance fabric, our range caters to all needs and budgets. View our apron menu to see our whole range in more detail or learn more about our in-house embroidery service today!

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