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4 December 2023

The Benefits of Wearing an Apron: Beyond Cleanliness and Protection

Eager to understand exactly what aprons are used for and the key differences in styles across industries? Delve into our blog that covers the basics of aprons usage & types.

Whether you’re a chef, waiter, barista, artist, or hairdresser, you know that keeping up appearances on the job can be a tough challenge. It doesn’t matter if it’s sauce, grease, coffee, paint, or dye - a stain or mark ruins an outfit and your day!

To make things worse, you pull out your garment from the washer only to discover a tough stain that isn’t going anywhere. 

That’s where our stylish & functional aprons come in.

What are Aprons Used for? 

If you want to keep neat and tidy from 9 to 5 and beyond, consider wearing aprons for work as your first line of defense against spills, sprays, and other hazards. These garments are essential parts of uniforms across various industries, from food and hospitality to beauty and retail. 

With an extensive range of designs & materials nowadays, the purpose of aprons extends beyond personal protection and transitions into fashionable statements for your brand & business.


When looking to make a style statement at work, aprons aren’t usually top of mind. However, choosing a design that reflects your brand’s unique taste and personality can distinguish you from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. 

If you take pride in your expertise as a chef, a classic chef apron can help you create a signature look. You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional white, think navy, orange, and green for a pop of colour that adds vibrancy and personality to your attire. 

Brand Recognition

Aprons can also be a powerful marketing tool that helps paint a brand’s image, communicate its values, and connect to its target audience. When the staff wears branded aprons featuring the business’ logo and colours, it helps create a visual association. Customers see the branding and connect it with their favourite food, beverage, or trusted service. 


Purpose-designed aprons for work often feature multiple pockets & features you can use to keep essential tools or personal items at hand. For instance, waiters use these pockets to carry items, like pens, order pads, and bottle openers. Going back and forth to get these essentials requires extra time and effort, which makes your staff less efficient & frustrated.

What Are the Different Types of Aprons?

There are many types of aprons out there to suit the needs of different industries. Aprons for kitchen staff typically feature a bib style, covering the upper and lower body for enhanced protection against heat and stains. 

Aprons for restaurant staff are usually half-length, offering protection from the waist down. These aprons are lightweight and functional, allowing for greater freedom of movement. 

Aprons for barbers and hairdressers provide upper and lower body protection, as things can also get messy in beauty salons. Often featuring multiple pockets, these aprons allow you to keep essential styling tools at the ready to maintain a smooth workflow. 

Find the Perfect Apron for Your Line of Work

Be spoiled for choice by our extensive range of designer aprons, work trialled in leading cafes, restaurants, salons, and retailers! Pick the perfect apron to complete your uniform and make it truly yours with our professional in-house embroidery service. With denim, canvas, bib, waist, and cross-back styles available, we cater to virtually all industries, keeping staff neat and tidy throughout steamy kitchens, busy studios, and premium stores.