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Corporate Uniform Guide

Corporate Uniform Tips | Cargo Crew | Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Uniforms
Corporate workplaces of today need to reinterpret what a uniform should be by offering a signature ‘uniform wardrobe’ that staff can make their own. With our range of corporate uniform pieces you can create a stylish uniform contemporary corporates want to wear.

This industry thrives on success, numbers and results. Your team has expectations and desires to reach their potential – don’t let their appearance hold them back. By dressing your staff in a sophisticated corporate uniform, you will help to reinforce a proud corporate culture for your company.

Whether banking, communications, technology or transport sector; Cargo Crew has the experience in dressing all types of organisations, making us the leading corporate uniform supplier in Australia.

Read through our essential corporate uniform tips and visit our Corporate Uniform Service page to help you elevate your corporation's visual identity to ensure you are remembered.

The elements we consider integral when choosing apparel for your corporate staff are:

Modern Corporate

A modern corporate uniform doesn't need to exist in its literal sense, meaning the same or identical. Rather the modern corporate look has evolved to become a suite of options which work together to form a cohesive look.

It’s about offering a range of fashion staples that can be mixed and matched to suit individual taste. Gone are the restrictions of yesterday. Utilise our shop by style selector to mix a range of pieces that are inline with your brand identity or Shop the Job for inspiration by role.
Corporate Uniform Tips | Modern Corporate | Cargo Crew | Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Uniforms
Corporate Uniform Tips | Shirts that work | Cargo Crew | Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Uniforms

Shirts That Work

Keep your corporate look professional yet approachable with shirts that work for your staff. Our range of tailored shirts bring serious style to your working wardrobe.

Our plain, check and stripe shirts are a modern take on classic cuts. They can be worn buttoned & accessorised with a sleek skinny tie, styled back with a relaxed rolled sleeve or you can combine a polo shirt and a pair of chinos for a new-age corporate look.


Our modern corporate uniforms offer a range of streamlined looks to ensure that all-important corporate uniformity and consistency. Yet the diversity within our range also allows for individual expression within your cultural parameters and staff roles.

Business role diversity in a modern corporate world sees staff working from the office, car, at B2B events and around the globe. Their uniform needs to allow for this diversity by finding the perfect balance between corporate chic and fitting in with today’s more casual culture.
Corporate Uniform Tips | Cultural Diversity | Cargo Crew | Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Uniforms
uniform tips

Corporate Uniform Tips | Design-led Originality | Cargo Crew | Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Uniforms

Design-led Originality

We believe fundamentally in the power of originality and design-led thinking when creating a corporate wardrobe for your team.

Our team of apparel designers are inspired by the classics while incorporating contemporary elements like visible double stitching on our aprons, the softest yet most durable fabrics for our t-shirts, and contrasting cuffs & European style buttons on our shirts. Our Taylor Suiting is bi-strech and designed to move throughout your work day. 
All of our uniforms are designed for work with features like hidden zips for embroidery access, extra length for comfort when reaching and stretch in key places. 

Custom Crew

Cargo Crew offers custom uniforms that are branded with your business' identity should you wish to enhance your staff look. In no other sector is a brand logo more important than in the fast-paced and stakeholder driven corporate world. Your board, investors or shareholders expect to see your brand instantly amongst the pack.

Rather than adorning your logo on every piece of apparel, Cargo Crew’s team of style advisors recommend a refined approach to corporate branding. We can talk you through a range of branded uniform options and showcase in-situ corporate examples of our custom crew kits.
Corporate Uniform Tips | Custom Crew | Cargo Crew | Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Uniforms


Cargo Crew | Uniform Styling Service | Flat Lay

We understand how tricky it can be to put together the perfect uniform look for your crew so we’re here to help!

See what our Styling Service can do for you. In person or over the phone, our team are skilled in putting together a unique look for your crew.

Or call in to our Melbourne retail showroom 9:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday. No appointments necessary, we're easy going like that.

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