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At Cargo Crew, we understand the value of our community and aim to give back where we can, recognising the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need.

We can make a difference!

People and the various branches of the community people reach is something we value highly at Cargo Crew, knowing that people are the backbone of our business. We actively participate in helping our local and global community via sponsorship, charity and partnerships and hope to continue our reach in future. As well as people, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and we're proud to recently partner with Closed Loop and their Simply Cups program.

How we help the community?

Our community sponsorship program provides help where needed from material to financial donations and support. We have supported great foundations and not-for-profits like the Maggie Beer Foundation, YGAP's Feast of Merit and StreetSmart, and partnered with Closed Loop to participate in the Simply Cups program to help close the loop on coffee cups entering landfill. We are also proudly partnered with St Mary's House of Welcome located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. This organisation provides much needed food, shelter and kindness to those living on the margins of society. We know a little help can make a huge difference!

Who have we helped?

We have proudly supported the following organisations. Click on the logos to read a little about what they do.


CaféSmart unites the community over their favourite brew to help fund local homeless services. On August 4th 2017, $1 from every cup of coffee sold by participating cafés will be donated to StreetSmart, an organisation dedicated to providing funding for local organisations helping people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Participating coffee Roasters get behind their cafés by providing beans for the day.

• In 2016, CafeSmart had 540 awesome café partners.
• Each café donated $1 per coffee sold. Thousands of coffee drinkers visited participating cafés and “Drank coffee, Did good”.
• Together, roasters, cafés and customers raised an incredible total of $160,523.

In 2017, Cargo Crew are proud to provide StreetSmart and CaféSmart ongoing support and will be sponsoring prizes for the cafés who do a great job of fundraising on the day.

If you own a café and want to join us in getting behind CaféSmart in 2017, you can sign up here: CafeSmart 2017 Signup.


Fellow Telstra Award winners the Snowdome Foundation and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision work together to fund medical research and accelerate new therapies for Australian blood cancer patients to help them live longer, better lives.

On Wednesday June 5th, The inaugural Bloody Good Dinner was held at Melbourne’s historic Meat Market Pavilion. For one night only, and for the first time ever, Sydney’s Merivale came to Melbourne. Danielle Alvarez, the talented Head Chef of Merivale’s newest restaurant, Fred’s, designed an exclusive menu of ethically produced seasonal fare inspired by her ‘farm-found’ philosophy.

Cargo Crew were pleased to be able to support the charities and the hard working team from Blake’s Feast by providing uniforms for staff who all donated their time in the effort to raise as much money as possible for the charities.

Learn more about the Bloody Good DinnerMaddie Reiwoldt’s Vision and the Snowdome Foundation.


In April, Cargo Crew were delighted to be given a tour of St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia. Cargo Crew have committed to providing ongoing support to St Mary’s House of Welcome, so the tour provided the whole Cargo Crew team to get a thorough understanding of all the work done by the team there, and the incredible services offered at the house to the homeless society of Melbourne.

Located in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne, St Mary's House of Welcome provides food, shelter and kindness to people experiencing homelessness, poverty and mental illness. St Mary’s is a place of refuge where the most disadvantaged people in the community can go to feel safe and accepted and, most importantly, have access to services that help them feel socially connected, safer, healthier and more hopeful.

You can read more about Cargo Crew’s sponsorship of St Mary’s House of Welcome hereand shop the St Mary's House of Welcome range here.

Learn more about St Mary’s & find out how you can help here: St Mary's House of Welcome.


Cargo Crew were delighted to support the 2017 All Stars Dinner supporting Street Smart. The dinner was hosted at Ladro in Prahran, where the Front of House All Stars of Melbourne’s finest restaurants donated their time & produce to put on a spectacular dinner for guests.

The participating AllStars for 2017 were Sean Kierce from Ladro; Leanne Altmann from Supernormal; Simon Denton from Izakaya Den/Kappo; Chris Lerch from Ezard; Ainslie Lubbock from Epocha; Nick Peters from Mamasita/Hotel Jesus, and Anna Healy from Sezar. Cargo Crew provided each AllStar with their own branded Barkly Bib Apron to wear for the evening. At the end of the night, the aprons were sold at the charity auction, raising a staggering $2700 for StreetSmart!

StreetSmart are an organisation dedicated to providing funding for local organisations helping people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Overall, the Front of House All Stars evening raised a total of $42,000 for the organisation; a fantastic contribution from an incredibly talented team.

Find out more at StreetSmart Australia Dinner.


Knowing that a meal cooked with care is one of the very best ways of nurturing wellbeing, the Maggie Beer Foundation (MBF), founded in 2014, works to improve the standard of food in aged-care facilities by providing cooks with training, guidance and support.

Maggie is guided by the belief that with the help of the community, the MBF can bring about life-altering change to the wellbeing of the elderly, helping them access wholesome food full of flavour and nutrients. It should be everyone’s right to eat good food and she believes that no one group of people need it more. Her hope is that every meal can give comfort and pleasure and always be something to look forward to.

In 2016 Cargo Crew were able to provide the Maggie Beer Foundation with specially branded aprons for use at all of Maggie’s events and workshops.
You can learn more about the MBF and how you can help at the Maggie Beer Foundation.


Long Street Coffee is a Melbourne café passionate about good food, good coffee, and seeing young refugees reach their full potential. They operate like a conventional café, but with a social mission offering young refugees 3-month hospitality traineeships that focus on practical hospitality experience.

Their traineeships are a life-changing opportunity for the young people they work with, enabling them to gain vital skills, familiarise themselves with Australian workplace culture and secure ongoing employment.

Cargo Crew have been proud to support Long St Coffee in their work to provide opportunity to refugees since 2015.

Find out more at Long Street Coffee.


As the smallest company to initially partner with Closed Loop, Cargo Crew are very proud to be part of the Simply Cups Australia program to help close the loop on coffee cups entering landfill.

Many people aren't aware that disposable coffee cups aren't recyclable & Australians use over 1 billion a year that have historically ended up in landfill. The Simply Cups program is here to to make positive change and we're excited to be part of it!

Tip: most coffee cup lids can go into your general recycling & reusable coffee cups are a great way to reduce waste.

Find out more at Simply Cups.