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28 February 2023

YiaYia Next Door x Cargo Crew

"Love thy neighbour" is the most powerful antidote to violence

Daniel and Luke talk to us about how an act of neighbourly kindness supported them through the devastation of family violence, and inspired them to create a social enterprise that raises money for charities working to help vulnerable families within the community.

Cargo Crew are proud to have worked with Daniel, Luke and the team at Yiayia Next Door to produce Adults and Kids Aprons for their 'Gifts of Kindness' range. Up to 50% of the profits from the range available at their website will go to support the Australian Childhood Foundation.


"I secrectly think everyone wants and needs a Yiayia in their life - to care about, and be taken care of through the love of a home cooked meal."

- Yiayia Next Door

1. We absolutely love the work you’re doing. Could you share a bit about Yiayia Next Door; your vision and purpose:

Yiayia Next Door was inspired by our Greek neighbour, Yiayia, who shared meals with us over the fence in 2018. We were touched by family violence in one of the worst ways after our mother was murdered by our father. Yiayia was the constant mothering support for us and we started sharing her kindness with friends on Instagram. 

Our account @yiayianextdoor grew to thousands of follwers as people identified with wanting to connect with their neightbours. Also, I secrectly think everyone wants and needs a Yiayia in their life to care about and be taken care of through the love of a home cooked meal. When ever we talk about her with other people you see this instant, warm connection, which is the exact feeling we need more of in this world. 


2. When did you decide to set up a social enterprise?

We’re committed to inspiring kindness and encouraging people to ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ as the most powerful antidote to violence.

We set up the social enterprise to support and inspire communities where people feel safe, and neighbours connect & care. It made such a difference in our lives when we were struggling and the impact of that connection is just so powerful, we wanted to bring it to more people.

Our purpose is to promote social good by supporting charities who aim to assist those suffering from family violence. Part of the profits generated by Yiayia Next Door will be donated to these charities.

We are proud to already be supporting Carlton Respects, Our Watch, Safe Steps, Australian Childhood Foundation and ygap as they are producing some inspiring and powerful work in our community – both in the education space and on the frontline of family violence.

Cargo Crew worked with Daniel and Luke at Yiayia Next Door to produce their "Gifts of Kindness" range

3. Can you tell us about the design process of the Yiayia Next Door Apron and how the collab with Cargo Crew came about?


“Its been a beautiful journey working with the team at Cargo Crew to create an apron that Yiayia would be proud of and that will bring people together in the kitchen. Daniel is also a graphic designer, so collaborating with Cargo Crew was brilliant to turn something graphic, into fabrication and embroidery. Every detail was thought of right, down to the love heart on the tag, so it’s been very special seeing it out in the community.” 

Yiayia Next Door


“We always look to collaborate with like-minded people, so when I saw @yiayianextdoor on Instagram and read their story, we had to reach out and do something together. The idea of collaborating on an apron was a natural progression of our business expertise, combined with the perfect way to honour Yiayia in the kitchen. It gives the community who support Luke & Daniel, a beautiful way to give back, share their story and unite your family in the kitchen too.” 

Cargo Crew

4. What’s next for Yiayia Next Door? Where do you see yourselves in the next couple of years

Our goal is to continue to grow sales of our online "Gifts of Kindness" range, and aim for the raised funds to be donated to the Australian Childhood Foundation every Mother's Day. 

As Yiayia Next Door grows we will be transparent with our supporters and report back on where we choose to donate future funds and to what purpose.

5. Lastly, do you have any wise words or wisdom from Yiayia you can share with us?


Safe Steps 24/7 Response Centre

If you are experiencing or know someone who is experiencing family violence, you can call Safe Steps at any time on 1800 015 188, they operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you cannot safely call the 24/7 phone line, please email [email protected] and a family violence crisis specialist will reply to you as soon as possible.

Safe Steps can provide an interpreter service or access to specialist support for people with disabilities. If you have been threatened or you are fearful for yourself, a child or a family member – call 000.

Aprons by @yiayianextdoor x @cargocrew 
Photography by @markroperphotography