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Our Bonnie apron designs are built from scratch right here in Australia & we couldn’t be prouder. Our first Australian Made Cargo Crew LOCAL range arrived in November 2020 with the introduction of our Bonnie Apron .

As an Australian Family owned business, the creation of our Cargo Crew Local range has enabled us to return to our roots of where our business began, which is manufacturing in Melbourne.

Cargo Crew Local


Australian Made Aprons

We set out to create the perfect apron for home cooks, makers and creators.

Our Local Bonnie Apron is built from fabric to final product here in Victoria, Australia. The 100% cotton drill Apron fabric is woven onsite at Victoria’s oldest textile mills.

We are proud to share that bringing our new Local products to life involves 5 different Victorian businesses - big and small doing their bit to keep Australian manufacturing alive.

We have been thrilled to partner with a community of creators to bring Bonnie to life including:

100% Australian made fabric
Woven onsite at one of Victoria’s oldest textile mills.

Small Batch dyeing
Our unique fabric colours have been developed together with our master dyehouse in Country Victoria. The vintage wash colour palette has been purposely created to deliver the perfect tones.

Garment manufacture
Bonnie has been sewn utilising traditional industrial ‘jeans’ machinery in Victoria, ensuring the construction is supporting local businesses and adds flare to your Apron.

Our Bonnie Apron has been lovingly packed into a traditional paper sack with stitching, made in Melbourne for over 50 years.

Name Embroidery
Our Bonnie Apron features the option to add name embroidery for just $10 extra. Aprons are expertly embroidered by our in-house team of master-embroiderers based in Bundoora.

Buying a local Apron means supporting these businesses in Australia to continue their production right here on Aussie soil.

Helping Support Victorian Manufacturing | Add A Name


A uniquely earthy colour palette bought to life by the finest Australian manufacturers and inspired by our very own locally loved aesthetic.

Our Bonnie Apron is available in:

  • Soft Pink SOLD OUT
  • Ice Grey
  • Khaki SOLD OUT

The journey to producing an Australian Made apparel range has led us on a journey of discovery within our own country.


Cargo Crew | Local Aprons Bonnie


Cargo Crew | The Bonnie Apron Local


Cargo Crew | The Bonnie Apron Local

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