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UAT Component Testing

This page has been created to display components for use across the website that have not been used within content migration.

Welcome Text Component

This is the welcome text component, setup using the secondary font style. It's designed to give you a title to the left and is perfect where you're looking to highlight key info and don't have too much body copy.

It also supports multiple paragraphs within the main content field and you can apply different background colours, offering the perfect component to break up large slabs of white on the site.

50/50 Content Panel

Why We Love It

This panel is great to highlight key content across your site. A slight variation of the offset image and text block, the image within this component will not extend to the edge of the screen.

It supports multiple background colours, including white, allowing you flexibility to insert it across pages.

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[TEST] UAT - Image Text Feature

This is the image text feature block..