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Styling Service

We take the hard work out of uniform design & management.

How can Cargo Crew help style your business?

We offer a wealth of knowledge for creating hard-wearing uniform designs that suit both the functional requirements of businesses like yours, while also developing a uniform style that represents your modern business and brand.

Whether your staff style needs a quick update or a complete overhaul we offer a personalised styling service that will make choosing your new uniform a great experience.

Digital Style Session

We offer digital styling sessions for businesses across the globe. This means you can brief us on your requirements (over the phone or via email) and one of our stylists will create a customised presentation of staff uniform looks that answer your brief.

The presentation will then be emailed through to you for your feedback or to present to your team - we make you look amazing.

Our uniform stylists will continue to work with you and offer advice on uniform management, size fitting, rollout and future ordering - we take the hard work out of managing uniforms.

To arrange a Digital Style Session, you can complete the form below, or contact our team at [email protected] or on +61 3 9411 9850.

Cohesive Modern Uniform Styling

View our Uniform Gallery to see the array of businesses worldwide that we've worked with to deliver cohesive modern uniforms which are both stylish and functional.

We specialise in developing style concepts of a range of industries including:

Style my crew!

Our team are here to help. Let's discuss your uniform needs & work together to develop a uniform that checks all the boxes for your business and brand.

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