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The Modern Uniform Lookbook

Is your uniform a modern uniform? The Modern Uniform Lookbook is a source of inspiration to create a contemporary uniform aesthetic. Styles that work together to elevate your brand and set it apart with a professional look in inclusive sizes.

Versatility is the new black

The key to a versatile uniform is selecting standout pieces that will be functional across your entire work day, no matter the task or temperature, your team will feel comfortable & confident. These layer-up pieces can take you from on-site, on the road and back to a meeting, all in a day.

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Resort Looks
A Relaxed Welcome

The perfect resort looks casually comes together with chino pants and skirt in new shades of Navy and Tan, and our Fred Shirt for the perfect blue mood. Add a blue and white stripe belt to add a cohesive touch. With a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe your crew are ready to welcome guests in style.

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