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6 March 2016

Spotlight on: Salus Body

Jason Cook is the Founder of Salus Body, which has been providing the hippest, coolest restaurants around town the latest in locally sourced, Australian-made skincare. Here, he shares his knowledge on the importance of providing great quality bathroom amenities that customers know and trust.

Diners now expect great skincare that reflects the ethos of your establishment in the bathroom; the Palmolive antibacterial 1 litre pump pack from Coles, or the 5 litre hand wash dispenser kindly filled by the cleaners shortly after they’ve cleaned the toilets just doesn’t cut it anymore.

“Consumers can tell the difference between a great and not so good hand wash or hand cream in your bathroom as many of them now only use natural, Australian made skincare brands at home” says Cook. “In the lifestyle, homewares and department stores around Australia there is a big move towards consumer purchasing more natural, plant based skincare products. This change has happened because people are now aware that the inclusion of synthetic fragrance or ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate can irritate or aggravate skin.”

Sourcing a natural plant based hand product for your bathroom should be an easy task as many of the Australian skincare brands, such as Salus, offer discounted rates to restaurants, cafés and bars they wish to be associated with. “I would think that most restaurants who are considered in relation to where their produce is sourced wouldn’t want to align themselves with a synthetic or chemically based skincare brand”, said Jason.


Salus Body

So how do you find a product that aligns itself with your ethos, philosophy and brand?

Ask if the product contains anything plant based such as essential oils or plant ingredients the likes of aloe vera or shea butter. If there’s nothing plant like in it – walk away.

Ask what the product doesn’t contain. You don’t want a formulation with synthetic fragrance or SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) as this is one of the most common ingredients consumers now try to avoid.

Find out where the product is made. If it’s Australian you have the reassurance that what you read on the label is what you get. When buying brands manufactured cheaply overseas you can never be too sure.

Check that the company you are dealing with always has stock as you don’t want to run out of hand wash to find you can’t get more.

Ask for a sample to trial and get friends, staff, colleagues or customers to let you know what they think before you commit.

And… last of all, make sure the products overall look, packaging and quality reflect the general aesthetic of your business.

Salus Body provides a full range of botanically based, Australian amenities products discounted for restaurants, bars and cafés around Australia. To find out more visit the Salus body website at or email [email protected]