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23 July 2021

Meet Matt Wilkinson, The Pie Shop Co-Owner & Creative Director

As part of our We're In This Together interview series, we spoke to other Australian businesses on their journey through COVID-19 and here's what Matt Wilkinson, The Pie Shop Co-Owner & Creative Director, has to say.

Matt wears Deluxe Canvas Bib Apron in Black

What’s the best piece of advice you've received during this time?

Be kind. times of hardship bring the best and worst out of us. #Bekind should be at the forefront of our minds.

How have you had to pivot your business model?

I have been fortunate, well kinda during this time. I sold out of Pope Joan end of last year to start Crofter dining room and bar which closed after the Made Establishment fall out after only 20 days on the 10th Feb, so I have been having my own dilemma until Covid-19 hit. 

With the Pie Shop I took matters into my own hands and closed the doors so I was in control of the business early. We will now make every Friday Pieday, only opening one day a week.

How are you keeping your staff motivated & positive?

I sat down with my staff and former staff at the start of all this to explain what I am doing and gave some advice. Keeping up communication with your staff, friends, family is a key to working through problems together.

What advice would you give other businesses right now?

I’ll speak for hospitality - it takes up so much energy to bob and weave your way through a financial hardship time trying to adapt your business model and stay a float, believe me I know.

Maybe look at reserving that energy for when you can reopen properly, take this time to relax and work on the outer of your business for a change, then come back all guns blazing when we can properly execute what we set our businesses up for.

What’s the positive change you think will come from these times?

I truly hope we realise how much waste we create as we are sitting at home, buying food and push for a true recycling and composting system within Australia.

What’s the hardest thing about working from home?

Since closing Pope Joan in Brunswick in 2018 I’ve been working from home quite regularly, snacking on sh*t food is probably the hardest, also my wife works from home so if you asked her that question she’d say get me out of here hahahaha.

What’s the best thing about working from home?

I have separated my day into full Tuesday - Thursday’s working from the home office, plus Fridays at the Pie shop. It’s great to have a three day weekend plus having lunch with the whole family at lunch time.

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