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Jess Dempsey x Cargo Crew
Aprons...but make it fashion

Jess Dempsey called it: Product of the year! After some stray chicken schnitzel oil ruined one of @jessdempsey fav white tee’s, it wasn’t hard to convince her that our grandparents were onto something with wearing an apron! 

But an OG blogger like Jess needs something fashionable to cover her clothes: enter our Boston apron range! Perfect for a designer kitchen or to cover your favourite fashion purchases, our Boston will keep you looking chic in the kitchen. 


"Say hello to Cargo Crew who have totally made cooking fashionable with their Boston Aprons. Gorgeous colours and customisable, that will make the perfect gift for yourself or someone who spoils you in the kitchen!" 

Jess Dempsey

"Don't get your clothes wrecked when you're making pasta or chicken schnitzel, like I did."


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