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20 June 2019

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdresser Apron

The Top 5 Aprons for hairdressers and beauty salons.

It can be hard to find the perfect apron that’s stain-resistant, fade-resistant, lightweight, durable, and functional; with pockets for your scissors, brushes, and other must-haves.

We’ve outlined the top 5 hairdresser & beauty aprons to help you find your perfect salon workmate.

1. The OG Apron


Name: Boston Bib Apron in Light Blue Denim

Apron type: Adjustable Neck Strap Apron, ties around the front or back. 

Why salons love it: The soft neck makes it comfortable all day while the handy pockets mean you have full convenience throughout your working day. The overall style of the pockets makes it super stylish. The wash of the denim means it grows in character as you wear it, spills and stains add to the look of the apron instead of detracting from it.

Boston Apron

What others are saying:


“Like a second skin, I feel amazing in my CC Apron! It’s got pockets in all the right places like magic. I feel naked without it. Love!!! ” 

Review by Melbournian 

2. The Toolbelt

Waist Apron

Name: Utility Toolbelt in Black

Apron Type: Waist adjustable tool belt apron

Why salons love it: The perfect alternative to a waist apron, with all the style & functionality for makeup artists and hairstylists. It’s also preferred by those that live in warmer climates or feel hot in a bib apron, without restricting your movement as it sits close to the body.

What others are saying:

“I personally don’t normally wear an apron, so I was so happy that we now have the toolbelts we can use. They are so smart, comfortable and discreet.”

Review by Fernie, Floor Manager   

3. The Fade Fighter Apron

Henry Apron

Name: Henry Bib Apron in PebbleMochaBluegrain or Charcoal

Apron type: Crossback Bib Apron with no fading after 100+ washes & select your strap colour.

Why salons love it: Finding a fade-resistant apron can be hard, that’s where Fight The FadeTM technology comes in. 18-months in development and testing to achieve the perfect fade-resistant, lightweight and durable apron fabric. Our incredible Fight the Fade™ fabric holds strong against common washing products including Oxygen Bleach agent stain removers such as Napisan, Vanish, and Sard Oxy. Our trials show washing over 100+ times shows no obvious change in colour.

Hairdresser Aprons

What others are saying:


“I purchased these aprons for my shop. I wanted something with this linen look. My ladies find them lightweight and cool to work in our warm climate. They do feel higher quality than our last ones.”

Review by HomeLifeShop

4. The Black Denim New Kid

Boston Black

Name: Boston Bib Apron in Black

Apron type: Adjustable Neck Strap Apron, ties around the front or back.

Why salons love it: After the huge success of the OG Boston Apron (number 1), we had so many hairdressers contact us that would also like it in the traditional black. We listened and delivered, Boston Black is the same style as the OG Apron, but in a black denim fabrication.

Boston Black Apron

What others are saying:


This is my favorite apron. EVER! I’m a colorist and I destroy aprons. This trendy apron was built to withhold all the abuse I give it! So forgiving with color! Goes with everything. Thanks, Cargo Crew!

Review by Nikki

5. The Choose Your Strap Colour


Name: Henry Bib ApronAce Bib ApronBarkly Bib Apron

Apron type: Choose your strap colour from 13 different options and 3 different apron styles! All Crossback style bib aprons.

Why salons love it: Salons love being able to choose the colour of the straps to suit their branding & venue aesthetic. You also have the freedom of choosing from 3 different apron ranges to select the best length, fabrication & pocket functionality for your team.


What others are saying:


This apron is so great, I feel so stylish wearing it! I got the darker brown leathery straps to go with it – a really nice combo.

Review by Cat