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23 July 2021

We're in this together interview series

A shining light within the COVID-19 crisis is the sense that our local business community has become more united and connected than ever before.

A shining light within the COVID-19 crisis is the sense that our local business community has become more united and connected than ever before.  

There is a feeling of camaraderie and understanding that “we’re in this together” that I believe will endure beyond this pandemic.

It is with this united spirit that we are pleased to announce over the coming weeks we are going to be delivering our We’re in this together series where we will be telling the stories of other great Australian businesses.

We will share how other Australian businesses and their teams are trying to survive, looking for ways to continually innovate and create, whilst sharing some wonderful words of wisdom.

We are going to be focused on delivering some real insights, inspiration and words of wisdom whilst bringing a smile to our crews by working together to spread kindness and positive vibes to all.

We look forward to staying connected #weareinthistogether

Meet Cargo Crew Founder,
Felicity Rodgers

Felicity Rodgers profile

Felicity wears Taylor Suit in Black and Tech Tee in White

Tell us about your business in a few sentences.

Cargo Crew designs and delivers the Modern Uniform to businesses in Australia and around the world. We are obsessed with creating uniforms that staff want to wear, whilst supporting businesses by uniting teams with a cohesive on-brand look. Our business is built around innovation and exceptional customer service with a laser focus on being the leading Modern Uniform provider.

How are you coping with the current crisis?

In a nutshell, by uniting as a team! We are focusing on our WFH processes to ensure all of our crew have clarity and focus on critical tasks that bring us together as a team, whilst supporting both our clients and core business through this time. We are staying connected with our team and clients through video meetings and are finding collaboration is alive and well.

Most importantly we are focusing on the things we can control and are ensuring we are working with our family of staff, suppliers and clients with openness and transparency to help navigate these uncharted waters together.

What's the best piece of advice you've received during this time? 

A friend of mine shared this advice when the crisis first began. I have found myself coming back and rereading these words over again.

"Stay strong! You will find a way through. The hardest part will be accepting there is only so much you can control. Don’t make emotional decisions, make hard ones to save your business. Scaling back will be hard, but your fundamental business is strong, which means you will be able to scale back up again."

Aside from financial resources, what is one thing that will help you and your business survive?

Having the ability and willingness to adapt! We all know and understand this is not business as usual. Being able to adapt and pivot to this constantly changing situation is going to be crucial to our ongoing survival and success.

What positive changes do you think will come from these times? 

Besides there being an overall better respect for what’s truly important in life, I believe the general business community will become more united and connected than ever before. Anyone who is running a business right now will remember this time as the time when our hands were forced off the steering wheel of navigating our day to day businesses. There is a feeling of camaraderie and “we’re in this together” that I believe will endear post COVID-19.