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5 ways to survive Coronavirus & benefit from self-isolation
Top 5 ways to benefit from time in self-isolation

In this day and age, we are constantly multi-tasking, packing our days full to the brim and constantly saying ‘if only there were more hours in the day!’. What a perfect opportunity to hit the slow down button and get back to some basics in our everyday life at home without the social pressure to be everywhere and do everything.

We outline 5 ways to flip the panic and maximise your time in self-isolation

Don’t panic! This could be positive thing

Watching the news or looking at your social feed it can be overwhelming with the amount of unknown and fear inducing messages. By following the safety recommendations and precautions you will limit your risk and if you’re working from home or in self-isolation, dare we say this could be a positive experience!

Instead of doom and gloom, let’s flip it. Learn new ways of working and rethink how you balance your life.

Make a list of things you say you’ll get to when you have time. Those things around the house that always get put off or things you’d love to do on a quiet Sunday, but never eventuate.

We've made a list of a few things to get the ideas flowing.


1. Make working from home work for you!

Working form home sounds like a dream right?! No traffic, no distractions and you can work in your PJs… not exactly. Be aware of the struggles that come come from your home office. Our number 1 tip is to get dressed everyday for work. If thats your regular modern work wardrobe or your work uniform, this will put you in the right mind set to take on the work day.

Next, set yourself a clear schedule and tasks you want to achieve. Make sure you keep clear communication lines open wth your other team members to avoid loneliness or a slowing of motivation. Once you’ve nailed your day at work, you’ve now got bonus time that you would usually be commuting, to take on our next tips!

2. Teach yourself and kids to cook their favourite meal

With varying degrees of ‘work from home’ guidelines for school kids and workers, it’s a great excuse to use this time to teach yourself and/or your kids some useful life skills, that may even benefit you later (did you say breakfast in bed?)


As some people have prepared for the zombie apocalypse and stocked up with 6 months of food in their underground bunker, most of us have the essentials in the pantry. This is a great way to get back to basics in the kitchen and teach the kids how to make staple items like bread or a pasta sauce. Things we usually buy from the supermarket and don’t have time to make from scratch.

An enforced lock-down is the perfect excuse to learn some core skills and bring out curiosity with your kids.  Check out our Kids range of aprons and wide range of adult Top Pick Aprons.


3. Spring Clean!

Ok so it’s not actually spring, but what better way to kill some time in a positive way.

Put on your favourite Apron to protect your clothes and and make a list to tick off each day. Those jobs you always put off for when you have time (and we never do).

Crank your favourite album and vacuum behind the couch, clean out the oven and empty the air con vents. What better way to combine a beneficial clean for your household, while also getting a bit of a workout in.


4. Go to the Garden!

While self-isolation tends to conjure up staying indoors, sealing off a personal bubble dome and batman-esk, metal vault doors between each room, some sunshine and fresh air is also a human necessity.

Even a small amount of time in the garden is good for the soul and will give you a hit of Vitamin D (aka sunlight).

So before you hit next episode on your Netflix binge, take a break, put on your favourite apron or toolbelt and pull some weeds, water the plants or pick some herbs for dinner.

Depending on your green thumb ability to own or keep plants alive… just looking at trees can have a calming effect.

5. Have some ‘me’ time!

What better time to have some ‘me’ time than when the government is actually telling you to take it! We don’t need to be told twice, we’ve already put the bubble bath on and got our favourite book ready.

It could be looking at some meditation apps or taking time to do a crossword. Some people may think a bath and meditation is their worst nightmare and need to keep busy, so learning a new skill like knitting, painting, stargazing or the phrenetic alphabet could be more up your alley. It’s amazing what google and youtube can teach you, when you’ve got the desire and the time. Once the Coronavirus passes, you’ll feel amazing when you can say you learnt a new skill rather than panicking or stressing yourself out.


Above all stay positive and share ideas with your friends and family. You may even find yourself teaching your friends how to yodel over skype next week (can you teach us too!)

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