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Chef Uniform Guide - Chefwear selection made easy

The highest quality chef uniforms help fire the powerhouse of any hospitality business – the chefs. The men and women wearing these garments in the hustle of a working kitchen require comfort, workability and quality that lasts wash after wash.

The apparel for a hard working chef needs to last split shifts, spilt milk and every cracked egg in between. Cargo Crew’s chef uniform range has involved years of research and wear testing in the best kitchens in the world. Michelin Star Chef Curtis Stone said after his teams wear trial “Cargo Crew have dressed the entire crew and I think everyone looks really smart”.

The modern kitchen often requires chefs to work in an open environment in full view of the diners.

This calls for a chef uniform that is contemporary, stylish and full of elevated yet extremely practical detailing.

While more traditional executive kitchens will often require their chefs to wear protective and elegant ‘chef whites’. With the hierarchy of kitchen traditions and expectations of the highest preparation and serving standards; only the best quality premium chef uniforms will “pass the pass”.


Traditionally a chef’s uniform or ‘chefs whites’ includes a chefs white, chef apron, pants and traditional tall chef hat. The material of the garments needs to be hardwearing to withstand heat, food stains and flames; but lightweight and breathable.

We set ourselves a challenge to honour yet contemporise traditional chefwear when we set out to create a new chef uniform.

Uniforms Chefs want to wear!

Chefwear with style that compliments the modern food being prepared that also enhances the comfort & confidence of the talent wearing them.

"There's a modernity to the Cargo Crew pieces. My team loves the denim look chef shirts, they're constructed and wash well, and are comfortable while still striking a balance between functionality and professionalism."
— Curtis Stone
New Chef Look

The new chef look is our take on contemporary chef jackets, work shirts, neck strap chef aprons, premium prep t-shirts and chef hats. A curated colour palette of the hardest working quality fabrics for garments, designed with practical, contemporary details and style.


Chef Jackets are designed to give the executive chef to sous chef an elevated look in the kitchen, and present as a united team. Worn to protect the body and clothing from splatters, oil and food, the classic chef white is a staple for chefs and cooks in every kitchen.

Not just another chef white, the Cargo Crew Chef Jacket focuses on performance and comfort, underlined by a fresh take on modern style in the kitchen.

Developed with performance in mind our Chef Jackets and modern Chef Shirts are designed with signature Cargo Crew styling and elevated details. The hardest working team members should wear the highest quality of chef jackets. Our Chef Shirts are a modern take on the traditional jacket and the uniform worn by Curtis Stone and the team at Gwen, LA.


The best work mates in the kitchen are those that help you out, make your job easier and last the longest shifts. Detailing in chef uniforms needs to be highly considered and functional. No pocket or strap is a frivolous addition. Rather we consider the needs of a busy chef and design the uniform details with this in mind.

Our Banjo Chef Shirts fit the bill as your ideal hardworking chef mate – designed with instrument pockets on the shoulder, apron neck tabs, highest quality fabric with a natural stretch, breathability and a contemporary cut. This is our modern new take on a traditional Chef Jacket and a great alternative in a contemporary venue or open kitchen.


Chef aprons need to be ready to work with both comfort and durability in the kitchen. Our traditional neck strap style aprons have been reinvented and designed for every chef, in every kitchen – high-end dining, modern eatery or café venue.

When thinking about the chef uniform the apron is the final protective layer in their kitchen armour. It equips them with the tools to perform at the highest level – instrument pockets, heat protective fabric, and full coverage over their garments.

Hardwearing solid canvas with excellent colourfastness forms the base of this innovative new Banjo Chef Apron. With an extra wide cut and extra long waist band it offers full apron coverage with the ability to still tie securely at the front – a must for every chef. The detailing is what elevates this chef apron from the ordinary – adjustable neck strap apron with sleek hardwear, instrument pocket on chest, removable straps and a signature Cargo Crew modern design.


When speaking to working chefs we wanted to offer this innovative, unique breed of talented creators a range of uniform essentials that work in every kitchen. The development of this chef uniform range saw us develop items in the collection needed for today's very complex commercial restaurant environments.

So we welcome to the Banjo Chefwear range our Banjo Chef Prep Cap and Chef Mask - essentials for chefs, kitchen hands and cooks in 2020 kitchens.

Don the new chef uniform range - Built For Work!