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8 June 2022

5 Reasons Denim Aprons Work

We dive into the history of denim and why it is so much more than just jeans

Since 2002, Cargo Crew has re-shaped the meaning of the word ‘uniform’ in the hospitality industry, striving to add fashion to the consciousness of café and restaurant managers everywhere.

With the need to be durable while also stylish, we developed the now famous Boston Apron to meet the demands of fashionistas worldwide.

Read on to learn why denim aprons work.


Denim was produced as a fabric for workers requiring a heavy-duty, long-lasting fabric that could withstand rough conditions in day-to-day tasks. The extra strong twists in its cotton yarn is what makes denim so strong, and the slight natural stretch of these yarns is what lets the fabric mould to shape over wear and time.

Our denim aprons are made from a heavyweight denim, that is also functional and comfortable for a modern workforce. Metal studs and details ensure that the pressure of daily wear and heavy loads won’t cause splits in the pockets or seams of your apron.

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Trends come and go, but it is safe to say that Denim is never going out of style. 

From rustic indigo denim to a statement black, through to a washed-out beachy light blue. Denim of all shades provided a classic canvas that shouts confidence in your style. There is a denim to suit almost every occasion. 

The original denim overalls were patented by Levi's in 1873, and from there the brand took denim from a hard-wearing fabric for workers to a wardrobe fashion staple worldwide by the mid-60s. With icons such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe backing the movement, Denim was firmly planted in the fashion world.

While denim is traditionally associated with casual wear, it doesn’t need to be! The crew at Attica - Australia’s Best Restaurant and ranked 32 in the World - wear Cargo Crew’s Barkly Bib Apron in Black Denim. Paired with our Smith Oxford Shirts or Rex Utility Shirt in Charcoal, the dark tones create an edgy, modern uniform, perfect for a restaurant that is constantly pushing the boundaries of 5-star dining.


Your denim apron is the ideal canvas to create your brand style as the nature of denim makes it the ideal fabric for embroidery, screen printing, and all forms of customisation. 

Add accessories or pin on badges and patches for a fun, vintage vibe, or have your logo embroidered across the front. The strength of the fabric withstands heavy stitching and the textured fabric, like a canvas, helps your brand colours to shine.

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When your staff feel comfortable in their uniform, your customers see it. We all know the familiar confidence that comes from putting on your favourite pair of jeans. Staff denim aprons can be a point of personal pride, and like that pair of jeans, become more comfortable over time. 

Additionally, we know that men and women equally love the look of denim, and while certain styles can evoke a more masculine or feminine appearance, a denim apron is perfect as a gender-neutral uniform.

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At Cargo Crew, we have developed the highest quality working denims. Our range of denim aprons has been tested & refined over many years to ensure they stand the test of time. Best of all, we’ve cut out the middlemen so we can afford to offer you the best quality aprons on the market.

Denim aprons can be paired with any style of clothing (never fear the double denim either!) and are an easy addition to create a ‘uniform look’ across your crew no matter their style.

Don’t forget that our Styling Service is always on hand to offer you advice on finding the right look to suit your brand, working with your budget.


Denim is beloved for its changing character that develops as you wear and wash it. So just like your favourite pair of jeans, your staff aprons will develop their unique look over time as the ink & threads settle into your daily routine.

If you need your uniforms to maintain a consistent look & not wear, choosing a fabric that contains polyester will help the dyes to hold to the fabric. Our Fight The Fade™️ Aprons have been specially engineered to hold their colour for over 100 washes. They are lightweight but incredibly durable, more so even than heavyweight denim. Best of all, the texture replicates a denim-look, so you can still achieve the desired style.


We understand how tricky it can be to put together the perfect uniform look for your crew so we’re here to help!

Enquire below to find out how our Styling Service can help you. In person, via email or over the phone, our team of stylists are skilled in putting together a unique look for your crew.

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