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Apron definition: "a protective garment worn over the front of one’s clothes & tied at the back."

Cargo Crew Apron BarCargo Crew would have to disagree. An apron is more than this – it is a statement of your business. The apron is of indelibly setting yourself apart from the rest as it will define your staff’s appearance and provide a functional accessory during the working day.

From the butcher, to the baker and the candlestick maker aprons date back centuries as a functional way of protecting clothing from the tasks of a busy and well worked day. The apron is a historical symbol of certain industries – like the easily identified a butcher's apron with the simple addition of a blue and white vertical stripes – but we have now entered a period where aprons are not only a functional addition to work apparel, but also a statement piece for businesses to present their brand to the world. Baristas, florists, beauticians, customer service crews and wait staff to name a few, have begun to identify with the apron as an essential uniform item and an expressive extension of their brand.

So what makes the perfect apron?

Well here at Cargo Crew we make sure it's durability combined with a whole lot of style!

Each apron is imagined, design sketched, sampled, tested and 'completely fallen in love with' before it is introduced into the Cargo Crew range. We know all of our designs need to not only look great but be fit for purpose. Never fear we are across this and have the eye for detail needed to get the job done.

When creating our first range of denim aprons – which have now become a hospitality and retail staple; we saw a gap in the market for a design led and fashion focused addition to staff uniforms that was practical and stylish. 

Our apron range now extends to include a large collection of washed, relaxed and tailored denim aprons, deluxe canvas aprons & leather strapped aprons, and breathable cotton aprons. With most of our styles available in bib apron, waist apron or cross-back apron styles there is certainly a Cargo Crew apron to dress your crew.

We add reinforcements to all the stress areas in our aprons. Our studs are super durable for secure fastening and don’t pop open during those long working hours.

We use Industrial stitching that adds to the life of your apron and on top of all this offer a variety of different fabrics to suit individual client needs.

Lastly, as the leaders and experts in corporate apron design Cargo Crew ensure our aprons are made to last, offer durability, flexibility in design and fit and bring an aesthetic of style and sophistication to your venue.

Explore the entire Cargo Crew range of aprons. Or why not drop into our Apron Bar in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick?

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